The “New Normal”

The explosion in competition, global education brands and the impact of disruptive innovation re-define a dynamic environment - what we call the “New Normal”. This environment is defined by change, challenge and organisations which explicitly plan for a future of competitive advantage and sustainable growth. 

Thrive in the “New Normal”

In a market full of solutions, partners and models, how do you plan for success while minimising risk?


Like other industries in the digital cross hairs, higher education must try to execute an extremely difficult multitasking act: supporting the existing business model to keep the lights on, while simultaneously experimenting with radical change to future proof the business.

Gallagher and Garrett - Disruptive Education: Technology-Enabled Universities, July 2013

Success means identifying and defining the “real” opportunities to unlock the potential value within an institutional value chain.

This is what we know best, enhancing educational value through improved customer and organisational service  delivery.