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Our Approach

Launching into a new market means committing your most valuable resources – people, time and capital – often when they are most scarce. Despite the obvious market similarities, companies waste precious resources and opportunities early in the journey because the business landscape was not what they expected, their strategic and go-to-market map is incomplete and their market guidance not experienced enough.

e-gility’s network and experience will take you beyond the typical frames of reference in assessing the Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia markets and your opportunities. We help you “peek under the hood”, giving you a firm evidence-based foundation from which to launch your market expansion plan entries.

The e-gility Methodology


e-gility’s methodology provides comprehensive insight on the macro environment from which to design and develop a robust go-to-market strategy:


We help you connect with local industry influencers and experts and identify competitors, enabling a sound assessment of the current marketplace, identifying growth opportunities and risks.


We stress-test your business assumptions and models against local market needs, refine your go-to-market strategy and define a tactical execution plan which maximises the return on your investment.


We function as your extended in-region team, aligning sales and marketing plans with the execution of multi-channel activities which fuel and accelerate the growth of your sales pipeline.